Woke up at the crack o’ dawn yet again. This, along with me going to sleep consistently at 4am — is just freaking me out. I ended up doing the same thing yet again and that is read, read, read until twinges of brain explosion begin to take over. I stopped around 5pm out of sheer exhaustion and hunger. I ended up NOT eating all day in expectation of having a lovely dinner with my brother. We ended up going to a Chinese buffet restaurant — I thanked my lucky stars I hadn’t had a single morsel of food all day. I ate like a wild woman. YUMMMMY! Leaving the restaurant my brother nearly had to watch over me as feelings of nausea swept over. In effect, I had TOO much to eat. Oh well.

Now I’m back to my daily grind with a minature break to blog and organize my massive pile of materials, books, and what not. All in all, it was an uneventful day filled with quiet contemplation and analytical reading.

My parents called me today inquiring about a “warning label” included within their dehydrated tea mixture which was purchased at a local asian supermarket. This was the conversation:
Dad: You know the tea we drink right?
Moi: I suppose so — why?
Dad: Well your mother and I just bought some tea and we wanted to try this new brand from China. It looked good. But…..
Moi: But what?
Dad: But there is a warning that say “contains sulfite”. What is that necessarily?
Moi: Sulfite? A sulfur derivative maybe? I’m not really sure.
Dad: Is that good for you? Isn’t that what they put in dead bodies to prevent decay?
Moi: No, thats formaldehyde.
Dad: You sure? I don’t think so.
Moi: It is. I should know — I have med school friends who complain about the stench of it.
Dad: Ok, if you say so — but I think its something else.
Moi: Whatever — so what’s your question now?
Dad: Should we drink this then? Sounds toxic.
Moi: Well if its from China, I have no idea what they could have possibly added prior to
shipping. I highly doubt its toxic. But to be certain — don’t drink it.
Dad: Yeah I agree. Just thought you would know since its chemistry related.
Moi: I’ll see what i can find. But I can’t think of anything off the top of my head.
Other than it just being added to prevent your dehydrated tea leaves from absorbing
atmospheric moisture.

Funny how after 4 years of being educationally trained in the field of chemistry coupled with 2 additional years working in the chemistry industry — I wasn’t able to answer his question. I’ve therefore come to a conclusion that I am truly a sad case. Oh by the way, here is some info — since you guys might wonder for some bizarre reason.

Listening: (Five for Fighting) – Jainy

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