Have you guys been watching the oddly crafted show entitled, “The Weakest Link“? I had never layed eyes on it — until I was unfortunately forced to view it while at the apartment gym. Picture the following: I’m standing on the stairmaster (trying desperately NOT to give up) – when what happens to come on tv? Yes, that’s right — “The………*head jerks slightly*…………WEAKEST LINK!!!” If you’ve watched the show — you get that joke. Anyhoo, I wasn’t really aware of the rules to this bizarre gameshow, but quickly picked it up. Not only is the object of the game to determine who the weakest link is amongst the group — but it seems the main focus is situated on HOW they conduct their inevitable conclusion. They are positively vicious to one another. Attacking both intelligence and the contestants as individuals. At first, I found it appalling — but as the show progressed, I suddenly became drawn to the cuthroat attacks to which the contestants seemed to engage. Also, it was damn hilarious at how the host of the game show would say, “[Name]…….YOU are the……………………WEAKEST LINK! Goodbye”. This usually followed by the dropped contestant sullenly exiting and giving a candid “my fellow contestants are all dumbasses” speech. Very strange show I must say. I suppose one of the reasons why I found the show to be so hilarious was because of last night’s viewing of SNL’s satire on the show. I have to admit it was dead on. The contestants berating one another AND the host berating the contestants as well.

Listening: (Nelly Furtado) – Well, Well

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