As I went to exchange my dysfunctional and uncooperative cell phone charger at Sprint, I happened to park side a vehicle with “Congratulations Class of 2001……Emory Bound!” on it. As I got out of my car, the owner of the vehicle and her daughter loaded up into the car. I then said to them, “You guys going to Emory? I graduated from there”. The mother replied, “Yes…my daughter is — good school”. I then said, “well I graduated in 99′ so good luck to you”. Small world man.

Shortly after my encounter with the future Emoryite, I started thinking about what has happened since I graduated from Emory. It amazes me to contemplate all the happenings. I truly feel the past 2 years have whizzed by with the blink of an eye. I think my perspective on life now is slightly more mature and focused. I think when one graduates from college or even high school — expectations are strangely unknown and one is propelled into a world quite unfamiliar. Today my cousin called me and during the conversation she said, “how old are you? 24….25?”. I told her 24 but the fact of the matter is — sometimes I don’t really feel 24. Mind you, I’m not admitting that I feel much older or younger by any means. But I’m in this limbo stage in my life — sort of focused yet at the same time — very unknown. I suppose its slightly refreshing. The idea of the unknown….not having EVERYTHING planned and set without any sort of detour. Arrrgghhh too much contemplation and day dreaming for my silly brain. I must resume my habitual studies.

Listening: (Cyndi Lauper) – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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