I’m about to get ready to get my hair cut…trimmed…whatever. Lots of errands to run — and of course I shall enjoy this beautiful sunny and warm day. Whhoooohoooo! I’m also in a very 80s mood. Last night I ended up dishing out my Hall and Oates greatest hits CD. I know I know. Hey I like them and I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit it. I know people out there agree with me. At least people old enough like me to remember *sigh*. If I go a little younger — I realize alot of these kids were probably born in the early 80s and much of their experience with the whole 80s decade is quite limited. I’m so old I remember Teddy Ruxpin, leg warmers, Cabbage Patch Dolls, hell even – GARBAGE PAIL KIDS. I remember the whole fluorescent color craze, the stir-up pants, the off-the-shoulder shirts, the silly eye makeup. Damn, I remember the jelly bracelets and jellybeans. I even have some of my old jelly bracelets — boy I truly believed I was “cool” with those. Goodness, I even collected albums filled with sticker – not just any stickers, mind you, scratch n’ sniff stickers – oooooo ……aaaahhhhh. I even remember the days when Michael Jackson actually had skin pigmentation and *gasp* actually adored by millions in the UNITED STATES. I remember the moonwalk, the various cartoons – which may never be matched to this day (JEM, Rainbow Brite, Kidd Video, Alvin and the Chipmunks). I even remember Punky Brewster the TV series AND the cartoon series. Good grief — I’m a dinosaur in the eyes of some children. If you are as old as me — here is a site for you to relive all your 80s nostalgia. Join me won’t you?

But you know what I miss the most? He-Man, She-Ra, the Knight Rider series (the days when David Hasselhoff actually was a good actor), and those god awful rubik cubes.

Oh well, being the child of the 80s only categorizes me as Generation X. I actually don’t mind the label. At Emory, I wrote this huge paper comparing the obvious differences and similarities of Generation X and the Baby Boomer generation (our parents). You’d actually be surprised to find out alot of interesting information concerning the two generations. While our parents were late bloomers in the career/educational area – our generation is more saavy in its need to be successful at a VERY young age. I found out the average Generation Xer (born between

1965 to 1978) is more interested in his/her career or success than anything imagineable. In fact, the whole slacker mythology seems almost irrelevant these days because much of our dot.com successes are owed to 20 something individuals. So make it known people — we are quickly ruling the world. We are infiltratng all aspects of politics, government, science, education, and popular culture. Wanna know a little more about GenX? Check this article out. Anyhoo, so the next time your boss or someone over 40 complains about your unfortunate youth and ill-experience — simply point out the multitude of outstanging qualities which your generation represents. Be proud — remember the 80s — and our day will come when we one day say to our children, “I remember in the 80s, life was so simple.”

Listening: (Hall and Oates) – I Can’t Go For That

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