The other day, I went with Ine to the mall to assist her in a search for “the perfect, easily fold-able” gown for a ball she plans to attend while in Bangkok, Thailand. Well, while we roamed the various stores for potential candidates — we happened to pass by a specific store entitles Hot Topic. At least that’s what I recall. One rarely makes note of the name of such a store. The store, in itself, was an interesting topic of conversation. I can only describe it as part Gothic – part Raver shop. On one side, you had chains, spikes, and other faux leathery goods. On the other side, you saw various vintage and retro-type paraphenelia. At first, I thought to myself, “why the hell am I going into such a shop?” Then as I looked at some of the items sold — I began to enjoy myself [IMMENSELY]. Mind you, I wasn’t so keen on the crazy Goth attire – my main concern and concentration was on the vintage. I spotted all sorts of 80s knick knacks, toys, and clothes that literally left my mouth hanging open and itching to grab every t-shirt and tank to buy. I spotted various cute tanks with 80s logos embedded in them – such as: Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, Playskool, Atari, Strawberry Shortcake, etc etc.

Here is the tank I was gripping to purchase:

I may just go back and get it — oh well…..we’ll see.

Goodness – I even saw this JEM sticker I was itching to buy for Kimmie. Oh and they even sell the “Emily” line t-shirts. COOL!

Listening: (Weezer) – Hash Pipe

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