God, I’m so depressed at the moment. Don’t ask me why. I just felt this sudden wave of depression, anxiety, and boredom. I called various friends to see if there were any Friday night plans — nothing. As in nobody home – at all. What’s up with that? I know I’ve been immersed with my reading, studying and hermitdom — but that doesn’t mean don’t call me to do anything fun. *sigh* I think these emotions of sadness stem from studying literally ALL day today and anticipating some form of reward at the end. I’m trying to think of a fitting analogy of how I feel — but I am at a loss for words. My only solace is music at the moment. The entire day I ate once but only to nourish myself with food. Today, food doesn’t seem as appealing and enjoyable. What’s wrong with me? I called Kimmie (which seems to be my dependable shoulder to cry on) – and she told me to “cheer up”. She told me that my immediate depression is normal because of the massive amounts of studying I’ve subjected myself to in the past week or so. Its days like these, I wish I lived in some beatnik-like environment somewhere in Greenwich Village of New York City. At least, I would be able to drown my sorrows by walking the interesting streets – just observing people and the shops. Or at least I could take the subway to Chinatown or Queens to get some good food. Why must Tampa be so lame and yokel-like?

Listening: (Weezer) – Don’t Let Go

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