I never realized how “hip” my mom can actually be. She called today to see if I went to the concert which I actually never elaborated on – as far as venues goes. So her first statement was, “what type of concert was this? who played?” I said, “well there were various groups — mostly younger groups. But maybe you’ve heard of the Go-Go’s?” Her response, “are you kidding me? YOU saw the Go-Go’s?” I’m like, “yeah — why?” She said, “well they came out in the late 70s and much of the 80s. I used to listen to their music all the time when you were growing up. You must have been 8 or 9 when they got real popular.”

Moi: “I suppose so…heehee. They were absolutely fabulous!”

Mom: “Wow, if I knew you were going and lived in Tampa — your father and I would have gone with you”.

Moi: “Seriously?”

Mom: “YEAH! What other acts were there?”

Moi: “Well, Nelly Furtado, Eve 6…..Semisonic — they sing that one song Closing Time …remember?”

Mom: “Remember? Your brother used to blast that song from his room and the entire CD! Wow sounds like a great group of artists. Well, I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.”

I suspect my mom thought I was going to a scruffy, nasty concert with a bunch of goth type delinquent teens. Huh? Moi? Muwhahaah….

Listening: (Weezer) – Good Life

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