Well, I went to go pick up my newly developed photos and was met with a disappointing look. They told me that they were swamped and didn’t finish. They proceeded to tell me to return tomorrow for a discount. I guess I can live with that — although I seriously wanted to have my photos by tonight. I was going to have a hissy fit – when the guy leaned over and quietly gave me the details of the situation. At first when he started talking — I couldn’t hear him and in my loud voice, I said: “what now? I can’t hear you!” Poor guy. He had to repeat himself and seemed to be nervous or something. He fumbled quite a bit with my photo ticket stubs and he seemed to stare at me quite a bit while giving me the skinny on my photos. He had this unavoidable glance that seemed to just lock on you. It was slightly intriguing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen eyes like that (hazel with greenish tints). Muwhaahhaha. Maybe he was scared I would bite his head off — which I didn’t heehee. Anyway, I just hope they don’t screw any of my pictures. Arrrgggh!

I’ve been toying with the idea of going to the Depeche Mode concert in July or something. I don’t know what I’ll be doing during that period of time — thus the “toying with the idea” part. Ine told me Patrick was going to buy tickets to go — I have to find out if he ended up buying them already and who he’s going with — maybe I can join them…whomever he’s going with. Don’t know yet. I might not have time to go at all. Or the idea may just end up slipping away since its $35 dollars for the lower-ended tickets. Hmmmm….

Saw Ine today and she mentioned how tan I looked. Yikes — I guess I really did get slightly sun-colored yesterday. I thought I wouldn’t since I arrived a bit after 3pm. But I suppose the sun was still intense — thank goodness for sunscreen.

Listening: (Powderfinger) – My Happiness

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