Well I did it yet again. THIS time I went to bed at almost 7am and woke up a little bit before 9am. What the hell? And I’m not at all tired. I’m kind of thinking I might go to the gym a bit and do a small workout. Yesterday’s food is really making me feel icky.

Just before I traveled into to sleep-land, I remember crying about something in a dream. Don’t know what would have brought about that sort of reaction — must have been a sad dream. Then shortly after, I remember laughing uncontrollably at another crazy dream (also I have no recollection upon the contents of either dream). How odd. Maybe the odd sleep pattern triggered the peculiar reaction? Hmmmm.

More music: Badly Drawn Boy (reminds me of Elliot Smith and Neil Finn combined), Elliot Smith (I’ve loved listening to him ever since exposure through the Good Will Hunting soundtrack heehee….), and Crowded House/Neil Finn.

Hmmm — another good site here.

Listening: (Poe) – 5/12 Minute Hallway

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