This is one hell of a music site. Its so comprehensive. Plus its Brit-derived. Oooooo.

No – your eyes aren’t deceiving you. I’m awake at almost 5am. Why? — you ask. Simple. I took a nap at 10pm – until after 12 and haven’t been sleepy since. However, I know its probably in my best interest to actually get SOME sleep.

Some new music notes: Stereophonics, Poe, and Feeder.

Waaaahhh! Poe will be touring with Depeche Mode. Man — now I really have to figure out if I’m going to get tickets. Its slightly difficult when so many good acts one wants to see starts invading one’s city. And for Tampa — that’s a true rarity unto itself. *sigh*

Must S-L-E-E-P.

Listening: (Guster) – Happier

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