Whoa! Feeling slightly full and sick. Kimmie and Shannon decided to come over and we pigged on Lenny & Vinny’s pizza with Zima. I baked some cookies and we scarfed those down. Now I’m sick. Waaaahhh. We watched Wonderboys — which is a VERY odd movie. Not the best movie I’ve ever seen. It kinda sucked — oh well. Yikes, I think the Zima coupled with the heavy food is making me woozy. *sigh*

Kimmie wanted to see my new music finds and new CD collection. I let her listen to a few Weezer tracks, Travis, Rufus, Guster, and whatever else I could offer. She digged Weezer’s Island in the Sun immediately — basically reacting exactly how I was when I first heard it. Its truly a catchy tune and I haven’t gotten sick of it. I showed her the downloaded taping of Weezer doing the song on SNL and she loved it.

Listening: (Poe) – Hey Pretty

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