Hah? Someone did a search for “pictures of unhealthy teeth” and somehow was linked to my little homepage — what the hell? I don’t have pictures of unhealthy teeth nor do I HAVE unhealthy teeth thank you very much.

I took a tiny mini break to go walk around the mall and Best Buy. I was craving to put a CD player in my car and determined the only way to satisfy this evil sickness — was to walk amongst the sinful products. To get it out of my system if you will. However, not only was my desire to purchase stronger — I wanted to buy so many music CDs. I had to remind myself of the lovely stack of blank CDs I recently purchased — and the overflow of downloads which I had been engaged in the last few days. Thank goodness for my analytical mind and reasoning. *phew* Although, I think this week (maybe tomorrow if time permits) I may go back and purchase the CD player. I mean they are getting cheaper and better – so its not so unattainable these days. We’ll see.

Today, I had to run some extra errands. One of which was to make MORE copies of cases at my apartment business center. The first time I ran out of paper – the lady manning the clubhouse said, “ok…eight and a half by eleven paper?” I nodded but internally thought, “what the hell do you think? Construction size paper?” The second time I approached her with my statement of, “I’m all out of paper” — she said, “ALREADY? Ok — here you go….but most of our residents bring their own paper if they anticipate alot of printing. And I’m sort of running low.” I didn’t say anything on account I was slightly groggy from the 7am-9am sleep period – so my lazy response was, “ok whatever.” But in my mind — I thought to myself, “You silly $%^&*# — who do you think you are? I’m a resident and this business center is supposed to be for our needs. Why the hell would anyone be stupid enough to bring their own paper to print at the business center? Why wouldn’t you just print in the comfortable confines of your own apartment? Besides — if I have to bring my own paper, why don’t I just go ahead and supply a laser ink cartridge while I’m at it. Now I MUST take full advantage of you!” So I gathered whatever paper she annoyingly gave me and when she wasn’t looking — I grabbed paper from the copier machine, fax machine, and other printer. That gave me over 200 sheets – which I used totally — muwhahaahahahah *evil grin*. Dumbass apartment complex. I pay enough — the least they can do is supply the residents with the needed supplies for the business center. Goodness.

Listening: (Guster) – What You Wish For

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