Spygirl (Golf) signed my guestbook — heehee. Go visit the site – lots of interesting links. Although, just like myself, you may find it difficult to read SOME of the sites — considering the Thai font literary difficulty. However, if you’re able to read it without much effort — I bow down to your intelligence! I happened to stumble upon this MASSIVE Thai Blogger site. Never thought such a thing existed. Maybe I always associated Thais with my relatives who are generally straight arrows and technologically backwards when it comes to these things. IF my relatives in Thailand were aware of my site — they’d probably read it everyday — trying to get in my business and collecting all sorts of nasty information for gossip. I don’t think I would ever inform them of this site. But what could they possible say about me – after looking at this site? That I study too much? God how boring. On second thought — maybe I SHOULD tell them — I like it when good gossip goes around about moi. Mwuahah…

Here is my Winamp broadcast for today — listen and learn.

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