Damn Blogger is faster than ever —- YES! *arms in a right angle pumped back and forth*. Ack – I’m such a nerd. Hey, yet again, its a little after 7am and I am awake. Good I suppose since I have an unimagineable stack of cases to read and analyze *lays head down on desk and quietly sobs*.

OH! Kim agreed to go with me to the Denison Marrs performace at the Goldstar Lounge. This is what she sent me awhile ago:

“06.09.2001…the Goldstar Lounge (242 1st Ave N.-downtown St.Pete…attached to Jannus Landing) w/ Brandtson, My Hotel Year, and Denver at 7pm …..$8″

Yea! If my Connecticut friend doesn’t arrive this week — he’ll miss a great show/performance. But there will be others – I’m sure.

Oooo – today I get my CD Player installed in my car …..whooohoooo! Geeez, I truly amuse WAY too easily. Its quite disgusting.

Here are some musical notes for today: Yo La Tengo, Jamiroquai, Sebadoh, Big Star, Switchfoot, Pedro the Lion, Foo Fighters (now I know they aren’t new — but they are just good), Blur, Quasi, Pavement, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (the Californication album is just amazing).

Need to resume studying/reading. For real. Stop giving me that look — STOP IT, I tell you! Hmmmmm. Oh (reminder) — don’t forget to check Weezer out on the MTV music awards. DOUBLE YEA!

Here is my Winamp broadcast for today — listen and learn.

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