I know Digitalrice is down right now — but I’ll just keep blogging. Yesterday me and Kim went to see Denison Marrs, Brandtson, and a few other acts at the Goldstar Lounge in downtown St. Pete. It actually wasn’t very far from where I went to see Starfest at Vinoy Park. That area is really quite pretty and ecclectic. I suppose it would be St. Pete’s version of SOHO or Greenwich Village mwuahahah. Lots of “interesting” people wandering around. In Goldstar, everyone seemed to have a punkish, Bjork….Beck-like look. It was so cute. All the band members had these hairstyles very reminiscent of the old Beatle’s mop top style. Sort of beatnik looking I suppose. I tried to take a few pictures of some of the bands but to no avail. I’m just damn short. All these kids were like redwoods. Arrrggghhh. I have to admit, however, Kim and I were probably THE most tame looking individuals there. We didn’t look grungy, punky, nor bohemian looking. My outfit consisted of a tank……jeans…and a light sweater to cover up. So quite docile. I didn’t dye my hair some far out color — like many of them who seemed to be there. Before and after the show, we spoke to some of the members of Denison Marrs — whom were all quite taken a back upon the huge turn out. Heehee. Anyways, man I wished I knew how to play the acoustic guitar the way these people do — I seriously need to find a tutor soon.

Before traveling down to St. Pete, Kim and I had a quick dinner at Panera Bread. Mmmmmm. As we were busy conversing, I saw some guy walk through the doors who seemed to stare at me immediately. At first, I didn’t think much of it — but this nagging feeling just came over me and I couldn’t help but think about it. When he finally was about to leave, he walked toward the doors and looked our way. It was then I realized who it was. I waved and smiled and he came over to chitter chatter. Teehee. He was a friend of Patrick’s whom I met a couple of times. I barely recognized him because of his attire – shorts and t-shirt. I was always used to seeing him in a nice shirt and slacks. How odd. We chatted for awhile and that was that – exchanging our plans for the ngiht -us with our trip to St. Pete and him to Ybor city. Small world.

Well, another friend flew off yesterday to the east….far east that is. Waaaaahhh. Ine went to Thailand. I never realized how much I crave to go to Thailand and how much I would miss her calling me babbling about various silly topics. I miss Kimmie calling me too. Waaaahh. Thankfully they will be back soon *sigh*.

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