I did a “Emily” search on Morpheus and came up with the following interesting songs by the following artists: *interesting*

(Bluetones) – Emily’s Pine

(Ocean Colour Scene) – Emily Chambers

(Beth Nielsen Chapman) – Emily

(Simon and Garfunkel) – For Emily Whenever I Find Her

(Jewel) – Emily

(Indigo Girls) – Emily’s Song

(Moody Blues) – Emily’s Song

(BBMak) – Emily’s Song

(Tori Amos) – For Emily

(REM) – For Emily Whenever I Find Her

(Pink Floyd) – See Emily Play

(John Conlee) – Miss Emily’s Picture

(Leon Russell) – Sweet Emily

(David Bowie) – See Emily Play

(The Band) – Emily

(Fastball) – Emily

(Frank Sinatra) – Emily

And yes — I was procrastinating a bit.

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