Edwin McCain is coming to town very soon or came to town ALREADY – who the hell knows. Now I’m not a fan by any means — his style of music is too “soft easy favorites” for my taste — its fine — I’m just not into Edwin. I bring this up because when I was at the Goldstar Lounge with Kim — we spotted a poster for the then upcoming McCain concert which read. “Edwin McCain — The gentle, non-offensive music.” I found that highly amusing considering I was about to enter a semi-punkish/indie/emo/hippie-type musical environment. No Edwin McCain there. Muwhahahaah.

I went to grab a glass of juice this morning and realized that the light to my refrigerator had died. Arrrggghh. Going to have to call maintenance and get them to repair it. I hate waiting for them. They give you a far-fetched time when they “estimate” themselves to check in. They either follow through — or in many cases — forget completely. Grrrr.

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