Sitting here and listening to Radiohead — pondering about life and yada yada. My entries have been a little less than spectacular — I definitely have to apologize. But at the moment — or perhaps the past month or so — I haven’t been feeling so well. Its this whole combination of stress, wondering about my life, and other various things. When you boil it all down — I suppose it really isn’t anything when you compare it to the greater scheme of things. When you contemplate the existence and totality of life in general — you realize your life is but a speck in a tiny bowl. I know its horribly cliched at the moment — but that’s essentially what I’m thinking.

Ok, I’m feeling nauseaus again. What is wrong with me? Maybe tomorrow I might drive down to the beach and sit and read. Perhaps the warm and hopefully sunny breeze will do me some good. That and the beautiful beachy environment coupled with the smell of the ocean/bay/or whatever the hell they call it. Yeah — I think that’s what I’ll do. Hmm I wonder if anyone I know would want to join me. Nah — perhaps I need to just chill out by myself. I’ll need to check the weather tomorrow — to find out what is in store for Tampa. *sigh* This stream of consciousness thing is starting to get a bit out of hand. Don’t you think? Heehee…..

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