I wouldn’t call myself a radical feminist by any means. However, I do strongly believe in the equality of women and the equality within the workforce. I remember a month ago talking with Lizette about the changes within society and how the whole concept of male chivalry has gone to pot. She professed to me her frustration of males today and how the mere concept of being simply gentlemen-esque was slowly fading away. She admitted that the advent of the whole feminist revolution sparking this need for women to be more equal — only resulted in less polite and more aggressively driven males. Although sometimes I do see her point — the loss of male chivalry that is. I do, however, believe we’ve gained so much more as females. We no longer have to submissively accept the “traditional” roles of women anymore. Granted some of the careers we attempt to break through still remain male-dominated — but its getting better (just a smudge). At least in my somewhat diluted experiences. Here is an article I found that was quite informative.

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