I had another odd dream – well actually two. The first was at a friend’s apartment. I think I agreed to go somewhere with him and a group of his friends . For some reason I was at his apartment and I brought a change of clothes. Well, I remember entering his apartment – how…you ask? I have no idea. I somehow got in and he was in the middle of taking a shower…..goodness. He came out and was stunned to see me in his apartment. Then I went into his bedroom to change to my clothes I seem to be carrying. All the while as I was changing — he seemed to ponder how and why I was even in his apartment. Freaky man.

The other dream was situated in some sort of building like auditorium. Whereby, I passed a few familiar old classmates I haven’t kept in touch. As I sat down (waiting for something – I have no idea what though), I noticed I was sitting next to the band Weezer. Muwhaahhaha. The lead, Rivers, came over to talk to me and started reminiscing of “old times” from high school. Mind you — he’s 30 in real life….and ummmm he never went to my school. Heehee. But that dream was thoroughly entertaining – I must say. It has to be the food I consume at night. If not — its these stinkin’ cases I’ve been absorbing everyday. *sigh*

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