We all decided to go against going to Ybor and instead spent a leisure dinner at Hops. Afterwards — we rented The Contender and watched it at my apartment. Very nice and relaxing. The movie, in itself, was perplexing. On the one hand — it seemed to be a movie for the rights of women (specifically in politics). But on the other hand, it never seemed to show women in a particularly good light. In other words, the “contender” or the Joan Allen character was never 100% flawless. Therefore, as an audience, you can’t seem to (without reservation) cheer for her. So I suppose that’s why I found the movie to be slightly disappointing. I think I was expecting the movie to portray her character as a flawless political female — but she wasn’t. Oh well. I mean the movie had so much potential to be great…but it was just “ok.”

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