Didn’t go or do diddly today. Waaaahhh. I merely stayed home and watched much of the Wimbleton tennis matches. Ine is coming over later on tonight and picking me up to go over to Colin’s for a house-warming party. Apparently, he moved into a single apartment and has joined the ranks of the many who have chosen to give up living with a roommate. Muwhahahaha. Other than that — a very ho hum day.

Tomorrow I plan on going to the local Thai temple with my mom to celebrate what is known as Khao Pansa Day. Actually the true date of this religious holiday is July 5th. However, since most people in the United States aren’t able to use the day to observe — the temple always desginates the following Sunday as a substitute. So basically we go to the local temple and give offerings to the Buddhist monks to begin the Buddhist Lent tradition. This Buddhist Lent period is traditionally a time when Buddhist monks remain within the temple grounds for three months and devote time to study/meditation. But since the monks here in the United States typically remain within temple grounds already — its just a time for local Thais to gather and offer food to the monks as a symbolic gesture. This does not include the many Thais who visit the temple and offer food even on ordinary non-religious days. Just a little Thai Buddhist information for ya.

Anyways, as you can see, I’m probably not going to attend the Depeche Mode concert. In the end, I just got plain ol’ lazy.

Damn I need to get a haircut. My hair is getting rather long and rather annoying. Just a side note thought. Heehee.

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