Spoke to Kimmie last night and she went to South Beach to lay out in the sun on Saturday — damnit! I haven’t had the chance to go to the beach nor lay out in the sun. For goodness sakes, it rains every single freaking day. After sitting out — she, Anahita, Shane (one of her med school classmates), and various others, hung out in Shane’s parents’ condo. Apparently, its unbelievably gorgeous — overlooking South Beach. She then told me that they all went to dinner at some Greek restaurant — which I definitely want to try one day. Yummy….mmmmmm.

Been listening to alot of Wheatus music lately. It always amazes me how much music is out there — just ready to be plucked and listened to. Another group new to my playlist is Eels. I know what you are probably thinking — those aren’t new groups. Oh well — I tend to find various groups at bizarre times — some I find when they are just starting out — some I find when they’ve already been semi-established….it all depends.

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