I’m starting to find that the internet is becoming rather drab and quite boring. I don’t really know if its just me — but it truly seems very blase. Don’t get me wrong, I do visit certain sites to read — but in general — the thrill of sitting in front of the computer for hours upon hours is rather tiresome. Maybe I’ve moved on from the college-esque appeal of being addicted to getting “online.” Mind you, I’m always still online — but its just for the hell of it — not because I care to stay online. Lately, however, I’ve strayed more and more away from my computer – only being online to type in my journal, check emails, and read various webzines. If it weren’t for checking my email — I probably wouldn’t even turn my computer on anymore. Perhaps this is my ultimate metamorphosis — actually living life…. instead of being chained to my lovely laptop. *sigh*

For instance, when I was in college — I used to be on AIM, ICQ, and mIRC — 24/7. Literally. Now I’ve chucked mIRC….barely get on ICQ….and AIM — well I’m only on just because. Its rather ridiculous. Sometimes I feel like I turn my laptop on — simply to listen to my massive collection of mp3s. That and download MORE mp3s. Heehee. If not for the mp3s — I swear I would have faded off the world of cyberspace.

Listening to a little bit of Bobby Darin. I truly have a faithful admiration to the great oldies — such as Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Bobby Darin, etc etc. Sometimes listening to their classic old beats just takes you back to that time period. There is something almost magical and nostalgic when you turn on that Sinatra CD. Yes — my taste of music seem to favor all facets of styles and genres.

Listening: (Bobby Darin) – Beyond the Sea

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