Up and definitely MORE coherent than I was last night. I think I have dry mouth. For those who don’t know what dry mouth is. Its essentially what one gets when one has had a bit of alcohol the night before. I’m actually not so bad. I’ve seen friends who have severe cases of dry mouth. My drinking last night only consisted of two full glasses of red wine sangria (with dinner) and a sip of a midori sour at Hyde Park Cafe (which isn’t a cafe at all – teehee – click on previous entry).

Damn now that I think about it — that guy would have asked me out — had it not been for his idiot of a friend teasing/poking around. Grrrrr. He seemed so nervous and sweet –my heart seriously went out to him as he was trying to make conversation. My first impression mistook him for just another 3rd yr med student — but as I said earlier — I realized who he was and that he would be a 1st yr med student in the fall. John and Amanda couldn’t help but watch the whole ordeal – as he told me about playing rugby in college and so forth. Too bad it didn’t work out — he was SO pleasing to the eyes. *evil grin* Muwhaahah. Yes – it was an interesting night indeed.

Ok I’m feeling slightly nauseaus again — waaaaaahhhh!

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