After 4 hours of driving to Ft. Lauderdale….1-2 days of searching for an apartment….and 4 hours driving back to Tampa —- I’m pooped. Remember how I eluded to my search of a “reasonably” priced domicile? Well — you can forget that! I went over reason and beyond – you can’t seem to find any other way around the situation. The apartments are extremely expensive and logically so – Ft. Lauderdale is considered to be one of THE most expensive areas to live. Leave it to me to attend a school situated in such an environment. Anyways, I’m back and have the displeasure of lugging my belongings further down south. *sigh*

Oh and get this — my apartment complex is not Cable Modem/DSL ready. Therefore, for the time being ….I will be forced to use *gasp* dial-up. *Covers eyes and screams* What the hell am I going to do with dial-up? Arrrrgghh. Also, since studying will be a major part of my life — I’ve decided to eliminate cable TV. So lets recap – shall we? No cable TV….no high speed internet access, and constant studying. Tell me why I want to be an attorney again? Waaaaaahhhh!! Ok, I shall stop my complaining. I’m really just complaining about insignificant details because I’m truly looking forward to the new fall and new environment. See — I can be a positive and passive thinker too!

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