More frustration — YET AGAIN. Grrrrr. Called my new apartment complex to verify my move-in date and their reply was, “oh you can physically move in that day — but you have to come in the day before to sign the lease. We don’t do paperwork if you haven’t placed a deposit yet. Sorry.” %^&$#in’ annoying. Then I said, “Umm — I put a deposit already.” She then says, “Oh….so you did.” Arrrggghh. So then she says, “Well then you can come in and we will have the lease available for you. *pauses* Wait a minute. Did you put in an application for a _______ Apartments?” To which I reply, “Yeah — but I never put a deposit because I didn’t want the apartment. And how do you know about ANOTHER complex’s info?” Her reply, “Oh they are our sister company. It just came up in our computer system.” My aggitated reply, “Well, I’m not going with them — so they need to remove whatever crap they have on me NOW!” Later the lady calls me back with some fool from their “sister” apartment complex – to which they try to settle some idiotic misunderstanding. From the looks of it — the misunderstanding was that the lady from the “sister” apartment was a walking imbecile. She had it in her small brain that I was supposed to move into HER complex — which obviously was NOT going to occur. Finally I said, “Look — YOU guys messed up — stop trying to lay the blame on me. I never wanted the apartment — and the fact of the matter is — I never put a deposit therefore, it seems to me you guys are trying to scrounge up some measely excuse to get me to cough up money for YOUR ignorance and carelessness.” The lady then replies, “Ummm – I’m terribly sorry for the mess up.” My reply, “Well, just make sure its all clear!” Goodness.

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