Talking to one of my classmates which I got to know during the summer. She’s pretty nice but I think she’s way nervous about school starting — even more so than I. And that is alot for one human being. We both plan on going to meet the Dean of the law school at some banquet offered for the new 1st year students. We’ll probably shmooze with other faculty members — goodness let’s pray I don’t embarass myself.

Anyways, packing is still in progress — whatever is left to be packed — will only take a second to grab and seal. Ine was astonished to find out that I was nearly done with everything — I think her exact words were, “You’re done packing? But you still have about a week left!” To me — the words uttered from her mouth were heavenly. Just the thought of not having to pack for the next few days makes me giddy. YEA! Then horror hits and one realizes the awful chore of UNPACKING and RE-ORGANIZING everything. Uuuuggghhh!

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