Ten days….ten freakin’ days of absolutely no internet usage or computer usage. When I finally received my lovely laptop — I felt like a withdrawn computer addict foaming at the mouth — craving for 5 minutes of computer time. How pathetic. Well, I’ve finally moved and semi-settled. I don’t know if I’ll be able to blog everyday — although even though I say this — I seem to muster enough time to type out my sorry life for all to read.

Yesterday was Orientation for all first year law students. Everyone seemed to be as nervous and as tense as they looked. Nearly everyone dressed fairly business-like. My outfit consisted of a 3/4 inch black stretch shirt with beige pants and heels. I completed the outfit with my nerdy business folder and purse. I swear I’ve watched too much style TV. You know the saying, “There are too many lawyers in this world”? Well I can attest to that statement being absolutely true. My first year class seemed to be equally huge. Now consider this — take my class and multiply it by a few hundred (all other law schools across the United States) and you will realize the magnitude of how many lawyers will be graduating at the same damn time. This may not matter to you in the least — but for one who needs to worry about loans, debts and other necessities. It scares the living crap out of me. And the dean, faculty, and staff weren’t shy about pointing this frightening aspect to our scared little faces. But oh well — this is the life/career I have chosen and now I need to work my patootie off to do well.

Tonight is some computer/laptop training for the computer illiterate law students. Now bite your tongue that I shall ever be illiterate — but I do need to know how to access certain software they so deliciously installed for me. *sigh*

Listening: (Weezer) – Hash Pipe <------- Its been a long time coming -- *sigh* me and my laptop -- like peas in a pod.

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