When you’re in college you generally receive tons of email crap from organizations toting their meetings, school-wide announcements on financial aid/admission, and professors reminding you on certain assignments right? Oh and yeah — you get the occasional email from friends and family. But in general, you basically receive crap. Well in law school, and I don’t know if this applies to other schools nationally, you get all of the same things listed above PLUS additional emails from various law students combatting each other in what is known as “email wars.” What do I mean? Well basically its when one email is viciously sent to an individual AND to the entire law school (1st through 3rd yr) in order to berate that individual intellectually OR just personally. Lovely isn’t it? Well, I’ve been reading this one particular email battle which started when a first yr student tried to implore 2nd & 3rd yrs for their advice and outlines which might help when studying for the final exam. Well it entreated something. It invited this nasty return of an email from a fellow 3rd yr student who ridiculed her grammar, spelling, and intellectual neediness. Poor gal. To make a long story short, other various 2nd/3rd years have responded to this malicious email and needless to say — they’ve basically attacked that 3rd year. In some senses, I find the battle to be childish and almost disappointing because it reflects the type of students I might have to endure for the next few years. But then I realized — the nastiness was only a reflection of ONE individual and that you can’t blame him. He’s just giving in to the a-typical stereotype of the uncouthed lawyer. Oh well.

Oh and then I also received an email from some damn student who complained about being interrupted by the janitors when trying to use the bathroom. So you can see why I’m so entertained when reading the various emails. One day I need to track these people down to connect a name with a face…just so I can laugh at them. Goodness. The student went into what seemed to be a three page treatise on the janitorial bathroom cleaning schedule and when we, as students, should make our rounds in order to avoid the cleaning schedule. Sheeesh.

By the way, I went to bed early last night and had an ungodly amount of sleep. Who would have guessed that sleep would actually be a good thing for my brain. Ha! Time to grind the brain of its juices now that its been properly rested.

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