I got approximately three full maybe four hours of sleep. And here I thought I had successfully avoided any form of sleep deprevation. *sigh* Yesterday was Rosh Hashanah and as such our lovely school closed in observance. But the good Buddhist that I am ventured to the library anyways. When I got there, I saw that Sara and the Black Knight (don’t ask) were already sitting there waiting for moi — how sweet. I slammed my books on the floor which caused a huge rumble and apologized for being so “damn late.” Hours fly by and we all realize how malnourished we seemed to be and headed for Bennigans to feed our small little lawyer tummies. Sara and I returned to the library – only to be kicked out by the maintenance crew who informed us that the law center closed early. So we went to my apartment and studied to almost the whee hours (11 or 12 at night). Anyhoo — to make a long story short, I’m damn tired right now ….I woke up at 5am to type a legal analysis which sucked any liveable brain tissue from the organ that seems to reside inside my skull. I think I’ll take a nap and once refreshed — head over to the library for more studying torture. *sigh*

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