I simply don’t understand corporate America. Can someone please tell me why a huge conglomerate would one week begin hiring eligible candidates — with promising thoughts of benefits, salary, and a definite future — and the next week fire these same individuals?! Its disgraceful. Its deliriously heartbreaking and just plain ol’ mean. I will never understand I suppose.

Last night the Green Knight showed me an Answer to a Complaint/Summons assignment which he had completed. As he asked me to read through the answer for clarification — I think for a moment my eyes nearly glazed over in boredom. And to think I nearly stuck myself in this path/career — whatever you see fit in calling it. Being a lawyer — goodness! I have to admit — I do miss some of my classmates. However, the other part of me is gratified to have left such a wretched and aggressive field. A field which glorifies the act of arguing — the art of manipulating. Yes, yes I think I’m far better suited for the sciences and helping people some other way.

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