Is there ever a point in a relationship where one simply can feel truly content? At the beginning — its all nice and fun — going out…getting to know one another…trying to feel the chemistry. But aside from the sexual interaction in a normal relationship — when do you know if a relationship has reached its plateau? Is it when you almost feel like you are hanging out with a male gal-pal? To that end — how does one EVER know when something is truly love and not a friendship bonded by the inevitable physical? Ahh the universal question of human interaction. The next question that can only be asked is whether men and women can be friends? In the movie When Harry Met Sally — Harry begins to explain that it is almost never possible for the male and female species to remain platonic in their friendship without the ultimate problems of sex interfering. It seems all men somehow understand this simple theory — yet women? – HA! Try to explain this novelty to a woman and one is met by confusion. A year ago – like Sally, I believed that both men and women could remain in a purely friendly relationship without having that sexual tension. Now? I think it would be very difficult — unless they are the following: gay, ugly, or taken. But stranger things have happened in my life — and I can always be proven wrong.

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