Going back — I never suspected how much people actually cared that I was gone. Nearly everyone I saw said “welcome back” or “we missed you while you were ‘gone'” You’d think returning to a company which one was formerly employed would allow for immediate work. Apparently, that was not the case here. I did absolutely nothing….nada — I simply gossiped, visited, and played with my computer all day. I anticipate tomorrow to be much more trying.

The conversation got so silly that a co-worker and I actually engaged in a one hour conversation on pigeons. Whether there was such a thing as baby pigeons. The obvious answer one would say is “yes — there has to be baby pigeons”. But have YOU ever seen a baby pigeon? If you truly think about it — when we see pigeons — they are always in full size. Never have I seen a itty bitty pigeon. I dare someone to prove me wrong. So the next time someone tells you they’ve spotted a baby pigeon — be weary!

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