Recently, I was advised through “semi” legal counsel to change the names concerning the individuals in my Blogger. I have decided to give some of the people I chat about slightly fictitious and somewhat entertaining names ala Sex and the City. Thanks M for the counsel and idea. So if you by chance find the need to read my archived material and find references such as the Black Knight, the Green Knight, Niles, Harry (short for Harry Potter), Sara and the like – make note: these are REAL people protected by my half-assed approach at concealing their identities. The others…..I have decided on continuing their true names. I suspect they will never take ill against my writing.

So now that I have these far-fetched names — I suppose I need to briefly explain why they have been deemed so. The Green Knight/Black Knight bit came from the ideas of a far off time when their were “White Knights” — often meaning a man who was chivalrous to women. Therefore, for one to be deemed a Black Knight — well you get the picture — it ain’t good. And the Green Knight? Its just a play on color — since the individual tended to wear the color green almost to the brink of nausea. Niles? Well the dude just bares a striking resemblance to the character on Frasier. As for Mr. Potter (or Harry) — again, he is Harry (from hair to glasses)……..only older.

So I came back from watching the City by the Sea with the Green Knight. That movie sucked! Please…please…..PLEASE — do yourself a favor and STAY away from it. Now that I reflect on the theatrical experience — I think I’d rather gouge out my eyes with sharp, bacteria-infected sticks while pouring salty water to wash the blood.

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