So I went to Nikkis Beach Club. At first, my reluctance to go — seemed to oddly outweigh my intrigue in seeing what was all the fuss about this “trendy” place. M and I ended dressing very well compared to some of the hoochie like chicks there. I must admit I was glad I wore my BeBe silk dress. Yes, very satisfied indeed.

It was something out of the twilight zone. You see and read about these caliber of places — where beautiful people stand to literally get in. Only the very beautiful were allowed in this freakish universe. And not only did M and I march right through — we received VIP bands to head up to some exclusive room dubbed the Pearl room. A room, which in essense, was like the insides of a pearl — truly magnificent. Once we entered this place where only the most “important” seemed to congregate — we inadvertenly situated ourselves right next to none other than Scottie Pippen. Yes, folks — I was literally inches away from a basketball legend. Now, I’m no freak sports fan — but hell even I was awestruck. So you ask yourselves, “how the hell did you get your sweet and innocent self in such an exclusive place?” Oddly enough — it was supposed to be the Asian Law Society social — however, M and I seemed to be the only law students recognizeable. Well, not counting 4 other classmates. So indeed, that was certainly an interesting experience — the kind you probably see on Sex and the City.

When we decided to head back home and grab a quick bite (Wendy’s). M and I stopped at one specific location close to moi’s. As we drive through — something seemed a little off kilter (all dark and deserted). As I pulled up the drive thru — a dark shadow appeared in the first window and all we heard was a morbidly crazed voice – “Hoooooooowww maaaaayy I heeellllppp yoooooouuuuu?”. Meanwhile, dude seemed to sway back and forth as if he was ready to murder, chop, and bury the both of us. At this point, I turned to M (with her face turned to the side for fear that the mad man would see her face) and I screamed. Next, M screeched, “Get the hell outta here!!!” As we left, I tried to decifer what the ^&*#@ that was. Oh well, creepy.

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