So the Green Knight asked me tonight whether I wanted to go to the upcoming Rolling Stones concert. At first, I thought — what the hell….it would be cool…sure. So then he mentions of his 50 yr old neighbor that would be accompanying us — and I lost all interest. First – I’m not even into the Rolling Stones much — sure I love the old bands….and I know they are legends — but I just never got into them. Second – he mentioned something about having me drive. Third – I know both will get totally ripped at the concert and I would end up being the obviously responsible designated driver — what possible fun would that be for me? And fourth — who asks their girlfriend to a concert – only to tote his haggy neighbor along? What the hell? F-CK THAT!!

Boy, I’ll tell yah — for someone who is getting a second chance — he’s not working much for it. And I think he wants me to pay for my ticket — the more I think about this issue — the more I start to fume up. Its absolutely annoying!

And now the Black Knight has asked me whether I had broken up with the Green Knight over the weekend. Argh! This shit is pissing me off. Its like picking the best of two evils. WHY GOD WHY!!!!???? I just want to tell the both of them to SOD OFF!!! Bunch of dumbasses.

Damn I love this song. (Red Hot Chili Peppers) – Tear

“This is my time

this is my tear

I can see clearly now

that this is not a place

for playing solitaire

tell me where you want me

this is my time

this is my tear

Coming on strong


seems to me like

all the world gets high

when you take a dare

let it rise before you

this is my crime


All in all I’m

loving every rise and fall

the sun will make me and will take

breath to be sure of this

in the end

all will be forgiven when

surrender rises high and I

gave what I came to give

say it now because you never know

Devil may cry devil may care

distiller’s got a scream

and now I know just why

when she’s moving air

can you feel the voltage

this is my time

California skies

got room to spare

this is my time


Take it outside

take it out there

seems to me like

all the world gets high

when you take a dare

in the final moment

this is my time


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