It is finally and utterly over……O-V-E-R…..OVER. I do not wish the Green Knight ill will — but the dude has given me nothing but pain and problems. I left a voicemail simply stating that it was the end and I didn’t expect nor wished for him to call anymore. Ine thought it was heartless of me to NOT go to his house and break up with him there. Unfortunately, she isn’t really aware of how he can be under *certain* situations. As a result, I realized this was the most safest way to breakup and not put myself in any harm or danger. Not that he would ever hurt me — but there is always a slight chance (unforunately). Goodbye to those late night drunken calls…..adieu to his up and down mood swings….so long to his annoying “I won’t do it anymore – I promise” proclamations. Thank goodness I was only with him for only 3 months and not 3 years — heaven forbid. Three very long, mind-numbing, emotionally draining months. Goodbye to all that.

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