Just woke up and thought it was 10 o’clock. What the hell? Then I realized — day light savings. Bah — what a useless form of human thought. I mean really — what does one measely hour do? Nothing — so why change it and cause massive upheaval to those who hate changing their clocks. *grunts* Now I have to walk through my entire apartment and change everything.

Man, still reeling from last night’s late outting. I still am dumbfounded at the huge showing of asians. But you know what seriously kills me? No matter how many asians there are, particularly male asians, I am never truly attracted to any of them. Here’s a perfect example. Shorty brought a few of his asian male friends. One dude was doing his master’s in enginneering at UF. Tried to talk to me. Tried to complement me. Tried to dance with me. We talked, we hung out, we danced. But nothing. He was not bad looking. But I just wasn’t into the whole thing. He was so quiet and polite. It basically took me pulling getting closer to him – for HIM to essentially dance with ME. Yes, he was that weird. I just don’t get asian males. They just seem to have this annoying chip on their shoulder — that being the independant person that I am — I just can’t take. Hell other than Shorty, I have absolutely zero male asian friends. Although something tells me Shorty wants to be more than friends. Then again who knows. And if you are wondering if I’ve ever dated an asian guy — the answer to that is a whole-hearted “no”. Throughout high school, college, and even now — I just haven’t met one that I’ve really liked enough to consider dating. I don’t know what it is — they just remind me of my brother. I think for me to be seriously attracted to an asian male – he’d have to be either slightly or way taller than me and not this short, frail, geeky looking crap. Or maybe he’d have to portray semi biracial characteristics — half asian half white ala Keanu Reeves or Dean Cain. So instead of trying to make nice with some good asian guy — I ended up oogling over the bartender. Yes, the bartender. The bartender with tattoos up both his arms, a sort of rock n’ roll look. A “I’m a rouch man — but I still can be quite sensitive to the ladies” look. He just gave off this absolutely intoxicating aura. Pppffffttt. I swear I think I’m losing it.

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