Tell her I said “hello”. Let me explain. I’m at work — about to finish my very busy day. Not a single thought went through my mind — nothing of the Green Knight, the Black Knight not anything. Then the phone rings. M starts by saying, “oh man I have some stuff to tell you”. So I say, “oh man everytime you say this — its never good…never, never, never, never”. M: “Well you’re going to enjoy this.”

Moi: “Why? What happened?”

M: “Well your ex talked to me today — but that’s not the clincher.”

Moi: “Oh man — what happened?”

M: “Well first both *insert name (Green Knight)* and *insert name (Black Knight)* walked into class at exactly the same time. Yes, through the door at the very same moment. Both looked at each other and gave that nod.”

Moi: “Oh shit!”

M: “That’s nothing — *insert name (Black Knight)* sat one seat over to my left and *insert name (Green Knight)* sat to my immediate right.”

Moi: “What the f–k??!!!!”

M: “Wait it gets better. Then *insert name (Green Knight)* turns to me and asks about you. He said, ‘how’s Emily doing?’. And I said, ‘Oh she’s doing very well’.”

Moi: “That’s it?”

M: “No. Then he told me to tell you he said ‘hello’. Isn’t that weird? You told the dude to leave you alone. Its not like you ended it very positively. Em, that’s messed up – seriously.”

Moi: “Good grief. So the whole time this was happening *insert name (Black Knight)* was listening?”

M: “How could he not. Besides when I stopped talking to *insert name (Green Knight)*, I turned to *insert name (Black Knight)* and he gave me this look that he thought the conversation was weird too. So he was listening.”

Moi: “I have no idea what to think of that.”

M: “That is rather bizarre – I have to admit. What’s f–ked up is — I was in this sandwich with two men you’ve been very close with in the past year.”

Moi: “Damn I’d kill to have seen that scene. Blah.”

Just when you are getting over someone — that person somehow seeps back in little ways. Either through music, memories, or even actual contact with close friends. Why damnit???!! Why???!!!

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