M is heading over and we are about to embark on a much needed journey to the mall. Aventura mall to be exact. THE most comprehensive (that’s the only word that I could think that would describe this) mall imagineable. I intend to hit everything. From Bebe to Sephora. From Banana Republic to Victoria Secret. Everything. Then tonight we are headed to a post Halloween party at a friend of mine’s. M will be my guest. Drinking will be available — so that ought to be an interesting event. Then supposedly after this party – we are supposed to meet another group to go out clubbing. Hopefully by then I should have some form of caffeine-like substance running through my veins. Otherwise, sleeping and nodding off may occur. And when this occurs at the floor of a club or (even worse) at the wheel of a car — it isn’t pretty. So, I shall hopefully pump myself with tons of caffeine. There will not be any mundane tasks done today (i.e. laundry, cleaning, paying bills, working on specific work). Nope…nope…nope…nope.

P.S. Pat me on the back. For I have abstained from any and all Halloween like treats. Good for me. That stuff is deadly evil.

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