I had the freakiest dream ever. I can probably attribute that to the greasey, fatty food coupled with a wide variety of alcohol consumed last night. The dream was off indeed. I was somehow with some dude — he was a good guy. Very sweet, attentive, and cute. From what I recall from the dream, we were walking the streets of New York and we had dinner. After dinner, we returned to some apartment area and were sitting – just watching TV. Then the phone rings….and somehow….it was the Black Knight telling me he was in the upstairs apartment and wanted to see me. I, of course, did not mention this to the guy I was with. I simply hung up the phone. I remember the dude being very pleased to be with me – but all I wanted to do was run upstairs. So as I tried to inch my way up the stairs — he seemed to figure it out. So before I knew it, he held my cell phone and keys in order to keep me there. Finally, I said, “if you want my keys — so be it. I’m going upstairs.” But before I walked up — I woke up. What a f–ked up dream. I hate that he was in it and even then messing up my life. Its like a bad rash that won’t go away. Bullocks!

I think those body shots, jello shots, and god only knows what else was done — may have seeped in my subconscious and created this odd dream. Hmmmm.

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