Two words – Body shots. Yea, that’s what ended up happening at the party. Who would have guessed. I figured a party with the person that was hosting it (i.e she is very straight laced) — would be very subdued. As the night wore on — more and more people began to show up. And more and more people began to progressively consume large quantities of alcohol. So as M and I sat and mingled, some dude wondered whether I would be interested in a body shot. At first I was like — eh nah. But he was very persistant. To make a long story short — I did it. A lick, the shake of salt on selected area, another lick, a shot of tequila, then the act of removing the lime from one’s partner. Some dude did it to me — and I back. It was interesting. After it was done, he said, “hmmm wanna do it again?” Good grief — once is enough. Not only was it wildly provocative — but I had an audience. Nearly every guy there all of a sudden was paying full attention when they knew I was about to conduct such an act. Goodness. As I returned home, M and I looked at each other and simply decided not to join Shorty for some clubbing fun. Both tired and slightly dehydrated – we simply had no energy.

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