Moi: “Can I have the bill please?”

Waitress: “Milk?”

Moi: “Yes, the bill”

Waitress walks away.

Moi: “M, did she say milk?”

M: “No she heard you say bill……you said bill”

Moi: “Are you sure? Well if she comes back with milk….guess we’ll know”

See waitress carrying tray with big ol’ glass of cow juice.

Moi: “No…no…no *laughing*. I’m sorry I thought you heard me. I said bill….bill…not milk”

Waitress: “Ok…I was about to say. Who drinks milk at a pub?”


Well the weather has cooled considerably this weekend and I am enjoying the lovely high 60 low 70 degree weather. So, the end of the year is nearing and do you have any New Year resolutions? Any bad habits you wish you could be rid of? Any new good habits you vow to initiate in the year 03′?

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