Been semi playing around with my digital camera. Trying to get a hang of the different options and functions. I am absolutely loving the “delete” option. If I don’t like it — I don’t keep it. Simple as that. Check this out.

Yes, that’s me.

In an attempt to avoid the biggest day in male-testosteroned sport history ala football (meaning the Superbowl) – I trucked to the local Blockbuster in search of a more civilized movie to rent. Unfortunately, however, I found nothing…..nada. M suggested a movie entitled Double Happiness. But poor poor Blockbuster did not carry such an obscure movie. Bah — so I ended up trucking it back home and watching what? Yes. The Superbowl. It was midly entertaining. Oh well. At least I can semi gloat to the Green Knight that Tampa Bay won. Heehee.

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