Some interesting AIM conversations I encountered today… work: (Once again — names have been changed to protect the innoce……..bah who are we kidding!)

YingLK (2:48 PM): i was looking at a gerbil the other day – it was so cute…..sitting in the corner in the pet store

[Feyesh] (2:54 PM): *nods*

[Feyesh] (2:54 PM): gerbils are awesome.

[Feyesh] (2:54 PM): I wanted a rabbit, but [name]’s house is too small.. and she’s really not allowed to have pets anyhow.

YingLK (2:57 PM): yea i saw some bunnies the other day too

YingLK (2:58 PM): and this really cute smash faced kitty kat…..awwwww

[Feyesh] (2:58 PM): lol

[Feyesh] (2:58 PM): smashed face is cute?

[Feyesh] (2:58 PM): I hate it when people breed cats for flat faces…

[Feyesh] (2:58 PM): it’s just wrong.

YingLK (2:59 PM): they are soooooooooo cute

YingLK (2:59 PM): it was just sitting there

YingLK (2:59 PM): looked up at both my friend and I

YingLK (2:59 PM): and probably mentally said

YingLK (2:59 PM): “touch me….pet me….i love this”

[Feyesh] (3:00 PM): you are spending too much time in the lab 😛

[Feyesh] (3:00 PM): [name]’s gerbil probably says “run run run…” and “run away run away run away….”

[Feyesh] (3:00 PM): that’s about all that goes through it’s mind 😛

[Feyesh] (3:00 PM): (yes, it likes it’s wheel.)

YingLK (3:06 PM): i love the wheeel

YingLK (3:06 PM): its like “must get to destination…..must complete this turn….must run run…runnnnnnnnnnn”

[Feyesh] (3:08 PM): hehe

[Feyesh] (3:08 PM): not even..

[Feyesh] (3:08 PM): *laughs*

YingLK (3:08 PM): the gerbil i saw at the pet store on saturday seemed to be like “yes i’m sitting in the corner of this gargantuan plastic cage…..and yes, there are no other gerbils sharing this with me……and no….i did not eat them. Purchase me.”

And another conversation involving rodents:

[Harry] (3:10 PM): no

YingLK (3:10 PM): no?

[Harry] (3:11 PM): why do you want a gerbil

YingLK (3:11 PM): b/c they are cuddlely fuzzy wuzzies

[Harry] (3:11 PM): is the gerbil a boy substitute

YingLK (3:11 PM): b/c i can poke it with my pencil if i choose to

[Harry] (3:11 PM): uh huh

YingLK (3:11 PM): b/c i can force it to run on its wheel and physically stop it — annoying the shit out of it

YingLK (3:12 PM): argh i want something fat to play with

[Harry] (3:12 PM): huh?

YingLK (3:12 PM): something soft and chunky

[Harry] (3:13 PM): why

YingLK (3:13 PM): something i can use my skewer sticks to prod and poke

[Harry] (3:13 PM): get some clay

YingLK (3:14 PM): i want to be able to put it in my palm ….stare at it

YingLK (3:14 PM): and look at its small paws

YingLK (3:14 PM): then bounce it on my palm

YingLK (3:14 PM): scaring it yet again

[Harry] (3:15 PM): you have dominance issues

YingLK (3:15 PM): hahahaahahha

[Harry] (3:15 PM): you need something to be subservient to you

[Harry] (3:15 PM): dominatrix like

YingLK (3:16 PM): i aint no dominatrix

[Harry] (3:16 PM): not yet

[Harry] (3:16 PM): give it time

And once again — another day went by….weirder than ever.

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