I had the worst possible date last night. Well, probably not THE worst, I can imagine other things that could of have been more horrible. The night began with us grabbing sushi at my favorite local sushi vender. He drove an hour to meet me. For the pleasure of my company — there it started with a huge plus. We met before but never officially went on what people would typically label as a “date”. So we sit, talk and things seem to be going well. I catch him making quick glances at me. So we talk about our lives, family, work. At first, I realized we (he) seemed to be discussing HIS end of the story more. I brushed it aside as nervousness on his part. Then our sushi pieces arrive and I start to ease myself in comfortable conversation. We eat, pause to swallow and talk. But the talking didn’t change. It just continued with his talk of HIS life and HIS friends (which seemed to consist mostly of women he may or may not be “friends” with). I started to realize, that he hadn’t made any effots to getting to know me. So I figured perhaps we would after dinner, walking somewhere, getting a drink, getting to know each other deeper. But, yet again, I am disappointed. He seemed to want to rush through food, as he eagerly talked about his “female friends”. So I smiled politely, quietly sipping my now cold tea. Sarcastically thinking, “boy what a winner!”. So we leave the restaurant and he blabs some nonsense about the two of us in the Keys – on a hammock – me drinking a margarita and him playing the guitar to me. All I could do was politely smile and inch away from him ever so slightly. What a dud date. Bleh.

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