Boy: “So when are we going to see each other again?”

Moi: “Um again?”

Boy: “Yea…again. You’re not attracted to me are you?”

Moi: “Um…why do you say that?” *thinks quickly to change the subject and stop conversation all together*

Boy: “Because you gave me that see ya in another lifetime hug”

Moi: “Don’t be silly” *thinks “damn why is he still talking to me? go away!!”*

Boy: “So do you want to do something next week?”

Moi: “Um…let me get back to you on that” *thinks – “Over my dead body….hell no!”*

Argh, if he keeps prodding to see me again, I’ll just simply lay it out how it is. I don’t date men who obsess over past women he could or couldn’t date. I’m sorry but I’d rather be at home picking my toe nails and watching Nancy’s Notions on PBS. End of story.

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