Let me engage the conversation just a bit. Here’s a scenario. Now please be warned: the topic is very risque – so for all you prudish people out there, I suggest you click BACK or go to another site.

Question: Would you or have you ever engaged in phone sex with a friend?

First, I am not doing this to proposition anybody out there. It is merely a question thought to stimulate the brain waves. That is to say, if you were presented with a situation in which a friend proposed the activity of phone sex – would you bite? Here are some things to think about: 1) There is no contact, 2) Its someone familiar (a friend), and 3) It could be quite fun. Hehe…

The only downfall would be the inevitable — will I be able to look/speak to my friend after engaging in such an act? It sort of follows the narrow line whether men and women can be friends. I still think yes, but its getting really fuzzy now.

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