Have you ever had one of those days where people just seriously piss you off? Well today seems to be one of those days for me. Can I scream now? I mean, can I? Argh!

Sometimes I just feel like people around me are just jerky. That includes strangers, aquaintances, friends and the like. I’m tired of this shit man. Its times like these that all I want to do is pack a bag…jump in my car and just drive. Maybe drive so far south that I hit the Keys. Sit on top of the hood of my car, staring into the sunset at the beach…and contemplating life. Just me and nature.

All I’ve been listening to all day is System of a Down’s Toxicity CD. Angry music man. Suits my foul mood I suppose. I wonder if they sell punching bags out there. I think I need one. Hang it right outside in my apartment porch with my boxing gloves and punch the living shit out of it. That’s how annoyed I am. All I want to do now is just call random people and tell them to “fuck off….leave me alone!”

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